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Skip Hire Terms and Conditions

We would remind hirers that our plant is hired out under the CPA Model Conditions for the hiring of plant and the purpose of the hire of skips, The following company supplementary conditions will also apply:


  1. The hirer shall direct the driver of the container transporter vehicle where to deposit or pick up the container. The hirer shall not move the container from the site without the consent of the owner unless maximum hire time is breached.
  2. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all permissions required before the container can be deposited on the site, Including the permission required by the highways act 1980, have been or will be obtained before the hirer directs the driver to deposit the container.
  3. The hirer shall ensure that:
    A. The container is properly sited in accordance with the instructions and the permission given.
    B.  The container is not overloaded beyond its rated capacity.
    C.  The level of the material loaded into the container does not exceed the level of the sides of the container
    D.  The existing sides of the container are not increased by the use of boards or other materials in order to increase the volume of the loading space
    E.  The container is loaded in such a way and with such materials to enable it to be safely lifted and its contents transported without risk to other road users.
    F.  Materials are not burned inside the container.
  4. The hirer is reminded of his responsibilities under clause 13 of the Model Conditions and in particular
    A.  Any damage to property arising from delivery or collection of the container during the hire period shall be the responsibility of the hirer except where damage arises as the result of negligence on the part of the owner’s driver.
    B.  The hirer shall be responsible for loss of or damage to the container during the hire period unless such loss arising damage occurs through negligent driving on the part of the owners driver.
  5. The hirer shall ensure that no poisonous or hazardous waste to which the control of pollution (Special Waste) Regulations 1980 SI 1980 No. 1709 ( or subsequent amendments ) apply will be placed in the container unless prior notification in accordance with the regulations has been made.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, title to the contents of the container passes to the owner when the container leaves the hirers premises or firm and the owner undertakes to dispose of the contents of the container.
  7. The hirer is reminded that where the container is sited on the public highway it is his responsibility to ensure that the container is properly lighted and coned during the hours of darkness and unsatisfactory visibility in accordance with the provision of the highways act 1980 and the local Authority Conditions or Permission for placing skips on highways