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We have a fully licenced and insured recycling waste transfer station to deal with your waste desposal needs .

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Reclaimed Building Suplliers in Stockport, Bricks, Roofing Slates, Timber / Wood, RSJ Suppliers.

Reclaimed Building Suppliers in Stockport, Bricks, Roofing Slates,Timber/Wood Reclaimed RSJ Supports from various demolition sites. Please contact the office for any queries or items you require and they will be happy to assist 0161 374 2059

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Reclaimed Materials

  • Reclaimed Slates
  • Reclaimed Roof Tiles
  • Reclaimed Ridge Tiles
  • Reclaimed Bricks
  • Reclaimed Blue Bricks
  • Reclaimed Buff Bricks
  • Reclaimed Hand Made Bricks
  • Reclaimed Stock Bricks
  • Reclaimed Concrete Bricks
  • Reclaimed Paving Slabs
  • Reclaimed Block Paving
  • Reclaimed Concrete Flags
  • Reclaimed York Stone
  • Reclaimed Indian Stone
  • Reclaimed Dress Stone
  • Reclaimed Dry Stone Wallng
  • Reclaimed Coping Stones
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Reclaimed Timber
  • Reclaimed Wooden Flooring
  • Reclaimed Railway Sleepers
  • Reclaimed Doors
  • Reclaimed RSJ Supports
  • Reclaimed Steelworks